Why our company?

Dlaczego my? STL as licensed forwarding company professionally organizes transportation services. We accept both individual orders as well as complex chain operations. Our qualified team will listen to your expectations, and our specialists will prepare a detailed offer and recommend the appropriate solution.

Moreover, STL is an experienced carrier company. A part of our fleet consists of truck tractors that comply with the highest environmental standards.


 We are aware of the importance of the drivers for the transport quality. Therefore, our drivers are constantly improving their skills through participation in trainings and courses. In order to give our client continuous access to information, our vehicles are equipped with modern GPS devices. The whole logistics process is supervised by qualified transport operators. The area of our business activities covers imports and exports in the whole territory of the European Union, the Scandinavian and Eastern European countries as well as Turkey.

* Not only forwarding. We have at our clients’ disposal our own modern fleet.
* Safety. From the moment the goods are transferred to us, they are covered by several insurances.
* Professionalism. Our personnel consists of qualified experts
* Competitiveness. Our services guarantee high quality transport at competitive prices.
* Flexibility. Selecting the best solution, we treat every order individually.
* Precision. The modern chain transportation system requires punctuality. Therefore, we ensure Just-in-time deliveries.

* Communication. Thanks to the modern GPS systems, our clients can keep track of their goods.

* Creativity. Our company constantly strives for process optimization.
* Innovations. New technologies increase our capabilities.