O nas STL is a family business. 

The company operates a transportation business since 1985, when the company came into being under the name Transport Samochodowy Andrzej Skoczeń. As a result of rapidly growing number of customers, the company opened Skoczeń Transport Logistik, a department responsible for logistics services for our customers.

O nas Poland's accession to the European Union was a powerful stimulus for the country’s economy. The opening up of new markets stimulated the industry, the economic growth also had positive consequences for the transport sector.
The changes were followed by modernization and expansion of our fleet, whereas constant increase in the number of customers resulted in a decision about legal reorganization of the company.
The year 2012 was another stepping stone in the history of the company as STL gained new, strategic clients.
O nas The years 2012 and 2013 were marked by the modernization of the fleet.

 In order to meet high expectation of our customers and to fulfill environmental standards, 70% of the company’s fleet was replaced.

As a consequence, reduced operating costs considerably enhanced our competitiveness.