In addition, we provide the following services:

  • Reloading. We have the adequate technological facilities to reload a variety of goods.
  • Storage. We can provide safe storage for your goods.
  • Customs services. For goods transferred beyond the EU’s borders, we offer assistance of the Customs Agency.
  • Temperature control. We freight goods that require monitoring of temperature. All commissions are delivered in accordance with the ATP convention, Commission Regulation(WE) NR 37/2005 and the Act on safety of food and nutrition of 25 August 2006 (Journal of Laws of 27 September 2006).
  • Hazardous materials. In consultation with a professional ADR advisor, we organize transportation of hazardous materials. 
  • Pallet exchange. We fulfill orders that involve pallet exchange. Pallet classification according to UIC leaflet 435­2 (in Poland: PN­M­78216:1997).
  • Loading lifts. Transportation of some goods requires the use of self-loading vehicles. Therefore, we provide at your disposal vehicles of various sizes equipped with leading lifts.